Forgiveness – Is It Possible?

Who is that person in your life?  The person who, every time you think about him or her, the pain comes back? You might have said the words “I forgive you.” But deep in your heart, the pain of what they did or said still echoes inside of you. You want to be free from the hurt, but you feel stuck. Each of us goes through experiences in life that cause hurt. You may have been wounded very deeply. That hurt might have been done intentionally or unintentionally. No matter the circumstances, you need to totally forgive.

In his book “Total Forgiveness,” R.T. Kendall does a wonderful job teaching about the overwhelming challenge we are given to forgive those who have wounded us deeply. Kendall begins by explaining the lies we believe about forgiveness. After explaining what forgiveness is not, he does a masterful job explaining the process of forgiveness and the difference between a surface level forgiveness and totally forgiving someone.

Forgiveness is not easy. But it is not impossible, either. You must make the choice to forgive. The consequences of choosing un-forgiveness are devastating. You can have freedom from the hurts of the past.

This is such an important subject, forgiveness, and is not often understood, nor addressed in counselling as it should.  I am devoting these next blogs to the subject, and will endeavour to walk you through the “forgiveness process.” It has helped me tremendously in my life, and I believe it will do the same for you.

Again, I invite your comments, and experiences you have had with forgiveness.

Until next time.

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