Life Transitions

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-3-49-01-pmIn the simplest terms, transition is change. Specifically, it is the ongoing internal process of dealing with change.  You are in transition while you learn to let go of the old and accept the new. Transitions are life’s way of asking us to re-examine our present way of being. These transitions can be predictable such as parenthood, a child leaving home, marriage or retirement, or they can be unpredictable, such as the sudden death of a loved one or a traumatic accident.

Whatever the degree or intensity of the event, every transition we experience has one thing in common. It forces us to make changes to our existing life. And with change, comes resistance. A major life transition literally closes one chapter of our life, and starts a new one, putting us in a new place and direction that we have not walked before.

It is not easy to maintain your sense of well-being while you are going through an unsettling or painful transition.  It is often a very difficult adjustment as we endure intense feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.  However, a transition can be an opportunity for growth as you accept what has happened and search for a new way forward.  I can help you take stock of your life and move forward into your new beginning with less pain and resistance.