What You Can Expect

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I believe that a collaborative counseling relationship (i.e. working together) is the key ingredient in achieving a positive counseling experience, paving the way for growth and real change. With your commitment and motivation, and my ability to provide a space where you feel heard and understood, you will begin to experience the change you are seeking. You can be assured that high ethical standards and confidentiality are very important and will be adhered to. I will seek to honour the trust you place in taking the step to seek the help you need. When we meet together, you will experience an atmosphere of safety, acceptance and respect. I will listen to your story in a way that is open, non-judgmental, attentive and curious, to understand where you are coming from. I believe each person is valuable and unique, and that each person’s story holds meaning for them. In fact,

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do – Brene Brown

My approach to counseling is integrative, not a “one size fits all” approach, but one which is adapted to best suit your particular needs and situation. This approach will integrate at least three effective models of therapy. It is,

Person-centred: providing the core conditions of genuineness, empathy and unconditional acceptance, which are all necessary to bring about growth and real change,

Strength-based: building on your unique strengths, skill and abilities, and

Solution-focused: having a present and future orientation, helping you make decisions, clarifying and setting goals for yourself, and supporting you with implementing your actions.

During our first session, we will be laying the groundwork, by asking a variety of questions to assist in developing a better understanding and appreciation of who you are, and of your concerns, as well as, reviewing such matters as confidentiality, length of sessions, fees, and insurance, etc.

Although it may feel like little progress is being made at this point, this process is necessary as it provides insight that is invaluable to the counseling process and the achievement of your goals.  This is also an opportunity to begin building trust, to feel comfortable with me, as you embark on your journey toward the life you want. I will assist you in establishing your goals and help you form a strategy to reach them. You know yourself best. I respect that fact, and affirm your right to be in control of your own process.

In addition, I will ask you the following question to help determine the direction you want to take for counselling.

 ”Where do you want to be at the end of our work together?”

Please take the time to think about this question and what this goal looks/sounds/and feels like.  I look forward to exploring this with you and helping you achieve your goal(s).